After the scene pulse out and talk to Luna. No sería conveniente malinterpretar estas palabras, pues la trama del título pese a no ser excesivamente original -o nada- es, cuanto menos, lo suficiente atractiva y sencilla como para mantenernos mínimamente al desarrollo del argumento. After seeing Zack, head to Ken in the Big Wave shop to find out where the country called, “Whazzap” is located. Once you have beaten him, return to Bud. It’s in the Saurian section.

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Mega Buster hold down for rapid fire X Button The group is excited at just the thought of going there. He is the Quiz Knight. Power of the OOPArt Pulse out and head to the first floor.

So head on out.

megaman starforce 2 zerker x saurian usa

When you go to the next area, the guy will say Mu is to the right, so go that way. That mysterious kid you met earlier appears, his name is Solo. Seal which requires you to beat RogueSX M. Once you have done that, defeat Le Mu Xa and watch the credits, but instead of Solo taking you back to Echo Ridge, you will be at the Whazzap Ruins and you will have to fight RogueSX, the hardest boss in the game. Open Custom Screen Start So head over there.


After you defeat her, Harp Note’s seal will be broken. She is still mad, so shes making you sleep on the couch. Now that all that is done with, go to your house The Blue Oneand talk to your mom. Enrgy from the merchant at the end, because you will probably need them.

Puntuaciones de reseñas Evaluador Calificación GameRankings. Time to head out, Pulse in and head to the top of Luna’s house via the wave road. Once the movie begins again the power goes out, when the power comes back on, a EM being calling himself Dark Phantom, releases a bunch of ghosts viruses and kidnaps Luna and takes her to the Top of IFL Tower.

Bud Bison A rough, tough kid who likes to eat. Watch the Ending and Enjoy! Starforce, en su anuncio, creó cierta expectación tanto en la comunidad de aficionados como en la prensa especializada.

megaman starforce 2 zerker x saurian usa

The e-mail tells you to come to Lady Vega’s Hideout for a present. Head outside to find Mu back in the sky. Shockwave – 60 Damage – Blockable 4. Refer to the Quest Sec.

Mega Man Starforce 2: Zerker x Saurian – Videojuegos – Meristation

The six badges are icons you will see on the Title Screen of the version you are playing. A blank card allows you to input a series of commands to create a Wave Command Card.


Above Geo’s House on the wave road. Something is wrong with the TV, so go back outside and pulse in. They start talking about an OOPArt.

Mega Man Star Force 2 – Zerker x Ninja

It’s inside the IFL Tower. It’s Bob Copper, he works for the Satella Police. There are two tablets on the left side, and one on the right side. The battle with a new, terrible enemy is about to begin!

Mega Man Starforce 2: Zerker x Saurian

You will now be able to double tribe. He has hit points, and he moves very fast, so make sure your ready for him. Once you have beaten him, return to Bud.

Once you give Bud his ticket, you are finally able to move on. Takeshi Horinouchi Keiji Inafune prod. Beat him and continue on.