Austin Texas female exhibitionist

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Austin Texas female exhibitionist

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Austin Texas female exhibitionist

Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Install the app. Thread starter Lovetoflash69 Start date May 20, Forums Flashing Experiences. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. up to be a member at Stripchat now! May 20, I finally got to experience hippie hollow beach in Austin, Texas.

It was nothing awe inspiring, but nonetheless a fairly good encounter for me I drove to Hippie Hollow today around 1 o'clock and only stayed for a few hours, leaving at around 5 PM due to other commitments, but not because I didn't want to stay longer. I was initially skeptical that this place even existed, but found out today all s are true. Upon entering, I immediately took off all of my clothes to get into the experience. There were far more guys than women, but there were enough women to keep me interested.

I have read on here about putting hair bands around your cock to improve the showing, but I didn't have any with me. I did have a necklace made from rawhide with Austin Texas female exhibitionist American flag pendant. I wrapped this several times around my balls, looped my dick through and it turned out pretty well with the bright pendant hanging on top of my balls and under my dickhead. Just where I wanted attention to be drawn to. I walked the entire area, which is almost two miles and then came upon two women tanning naked by the water all alone.

I made my way down the rocks to the waters edge and proceeded to walk in their direction. I was nervous with anticipation as I approached them. The necklace was making me slightly engorged and I was flopping about nicely. As I approached the two women, one looked up and stared directly at my dick. Awesome I looked ahead and then directly at her. She looked up at my face and then looked away, but nudged her girlfriend at the same time. The girlfriend looked up and smiled really big when she seen the brightly colored cross hanging under my dick I was struggling not to get hard.

I said hello and they smiled and said hello back. I walked up the beach a ways and then returned.

Austin Texas female exhibitionist

I walked up the rocks above them and laid my towel down sitting on a rock with my legs spread offering them another look at my exposed dick, if they wanted. I wasn't close enough to be creepy, but about 30 feet away. Both of them looked my way and smiled.

I really wanted to go down and talk to them, but didn't want to seem creepy or run them off. I stayed there long enough to smoke a cigarette and then left. Not spectacular, but enough of a thrill for me to plan to go back. This was also on a Tuesday during the day, and I can't wait to try a weekend. Barebuns Love to trade stories of our youth! Dec 15, 4, Coldspring, TX. Going to a clothing optional place is not really my cup of tea for flashing, but I get off somewhat every time I can show my dick to women I know, I'm hopeless Brought some hair bands to wear as cock rings this time to improve my showing Also bought some clear smaller ones to wear just under the helmet of my dick.

This made the head stay inflamed somewhat and keep some blood in the helmet to make my cock look better. It also increased the sensation that I was feeling. I put two hairbands around my dick behind my balls to push it all out there and then the one just under my head to keep the helmet flared. When I got there, I immediately started walking the trails and came upon a female park employee. This was exciting for me since she was clothed. I struck up a conversation to ask her some questions which kept her in front of me for a few minutes.

This was disappointing since she only looked down one time that I could catch. I walked around a little and found a group of three women and one guy, all clothed, checking out the area. I followed them and when they turned around the women all took a look at my cock. I thought this was promising and asked if this was their first time.

The woman who looked about 40 smiled really big and looked at my cock almost the entire time we were talking Finish this shortly Aug 29, south Florida. I think the school year is out for most if not all universities. Still, it can be a fun place. Hopefully I can finish this before I get interrupted again I kept walking around and managed to talk to several females, which was really nice for me.

It was even better because most of them were clothed. This satisfies my CFNM fetish at the same time I ended up sitting with a woman who is a regular there. The only problem is that she was already sitting with two other guys.

Austin Texas female exhibitionist

We had a nice conversation, all while I was sitting with my legs spread and my cock pretty much right in her face at a little below eye level because we were sitting on rocks in the shade. She was kind of wild and the talk got into all the messing around that happens around hippie hollow which led into talk of group circle jerks around a certain woman and some other talk.

My cock started swelling at one point due to the discussion and I thought I was going to go full erect right in front of her eyes. I managed to keep the monster tamed and only swelled to a nice fluffing size. I think she still noticed. She even said that she was "such a voyeur", to which I replied that I was more of an exhibitionist and we would go good together.

I only had a limited amount of time that I could stay at the hollow, so I bid farewell and walked around some more after introducing myself by name, which we all missed earlier. I walked around some more and had three different clothed females look at my dick, which was getting me charged. I then noticed two cute younger females sitting by themselves on the right side of the park.

Austin Texas female exhibitionist

I positioned myself right behind them sitting on a rock that basically put my cock and balls on display for them. They definitely noticed and kept sneeking peeks back at me. Both of them removed their tops and then one removed her bottoms and laid on her stomach facing away from me and crossing her legs in the air facing me.

I really like this since I have a huge foot fetish also. The beach works out really well for me You are not supposed to take any pictures there, but I managed a few with my cock in the foreground and the ladies in the background.

Austin Texas female exhibitionist

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