Cougars of Memphis!

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Cougars of Memphis!

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Summer Camps Union offers a variety of summer camps and programs that your kids are sure to love. Cougars of Memphis! Search Bar:. Cougar Sightings in West Tennessee Cougars have been documented in Tennessee The aspect of the return of the onetime apex predator to Tennessee strikes fear in some and exultation in others. Though many residents believe these great cats have maintained small breeding populations across the state, data has consistently suggested that cougar was extirpated in Tennessee during the early 's. Persistent reports of sightings over the years on this website have chronicled this belief.

However, the cougar, also known as puma, painter, mountain lion and panther, has been documented by trail camera and DNA analysis to, at least in passing, have recently been present in TN. Wildlife biologists believe these to be animals seeking to immigrate from the Midwest.

The data still indicate there are no current breeding populations of these creatures within the state of Tennessee. Every potential sighting is important to the growing data pool of the occurrence of these creatures. If you believe you have seen a mountain lion, please report your sighting. Report Your Sighting Sightings. This is a daily afternoon crossing for deer. I have noticed some doe's very pregnant the past few weeks. The cat saw me. That's when I noticed how long and big it's tail was. Holy moly!! Zach Riggs May 24, TrentonTN Tan orange I heard strange sound out back by the edge of the shed in back yard it was a cross between a cat purr and chatter, it was hunting something under shedi had full view of it and i backed away and come inside.

Its was beautiful Melissa Vance May 23, Memphis Wolf River Bottoms, TN Tawny brown As I rounded a turn on the trail, there was a large cat with a long tail that was walking on the trail about 30 feet in front of me. The cat heard me, stopped, and turned to look at me.

After several seconds he jumped off the trail and ran into the woods. Definitely bigger than a bobcat. He turned and backed into the woods. He had rounded ears and a round face and strong, thick front legs. I instinctively slammed on the breaks and luckily was able to stop in time. Once it reached the grass on the opposite side of the road it stopped, looked towards my car, and just walked off. This one was most definitely a cougar. After I crossed Hwy 89, I, along with my daughter and a friend, spotted a large cat standing in a field.

Cougars of Memphis!

I stopped to get a better look and it ran into a wooded area. We looked online what a cougar looks like and it matches what we saw. I am sure it was a cougar just wondering has any one else in the kittrell community seen it? Larger than a bobcat, but not fully grown. One night we were outside letting our dog use the bathroom and we heard something run through the leaves of our yard, our dog quick behind it. We have had other sighting but tonight at around pm, this thing ran RIGHT in front of my headlights as plain as day.

A very large tan colored cat which appeared to be a cougar ran out into the roadway. We had to slam on our brakes to avoid hitting it. In addition to that, in our back yard there is a rather large paw print in the mud. It is approximately 4" long and 3" wide. I have photographs of the print if you would like to see it.

Or you are more than welcome to come take a look at it. Just give me a call or shoot me an. We live on a tree line with no houses for probably a mile or so long, though mid-city. We have a motion detector light on our garage and I saw a large husky catlike animal crossing the drive, probably to the knee in height.

Driveway curves along a tree line and I had gone after the mail and returning down the drive I heard some snarling in the bushes. This was at twilight. My husband thought I was crazy. I go outside most mornings to watch the deer, squirrels Cougars of Memphis! other wildlife while it's nice. In a pine tree, there was a squirrel raising a ruckus unlike any other they chatter when aggravated. As I looked up in the tree, the cougar, there is no doubt about it, ran from the side of our garage into the woods. It was mid-thigh in height, tan in color, tail about inches in length.

I researched other sightings and saw that they were being attributed to large cats, etc. It walked off into a soybean field. I slowed down to see if I could see it up the row the beans were just overlapping but I did not see it again. This was August 9, about pm.

Cougars of Memphis!

Brandy Jul 7, Finger, TN Yellowish Brown At am a cougar was spotted near a creek in my pasture and the neighbors spotted it first the night before. It was mistaken for a bobcat at first but, after looking at it through a scope, it was confirmed to be a cougar. It seems to be active at dusk and sunrise.

At first, looking at it from the front, I initially thought it was a small deer. Then from the side I thought it was a large dog. Then I saw the cat's head. Had to be about 2. Too big to be a bobcat. The head of the animal was facing the highway, and was intact, and was definitely a large cat. Sarah Autry Jan 6, Crockett MillsTN tan and black I was driving down the road around pm and in my headlights I saw a big cat walking in the field to my left. I slowed down and it started to speed up and run.

Cougars of Memphis!

Reporter Date Location Color Pamela Sue England Dec 7, Brentwood, TN tan I was taveling on Moores lane near the Primm Property when I saw the hip, hind leg and a tail that was almost touching the ground entering the tall grass near the culvert where the creek runs under the road.

I was shock to see it and also question What I saw. I turned the car around and went back Cougars of Memphis! see if I could spot any movement thru the grass. Dogs you can usually see moving. I saw nothing. I would not have believed it until the neighbor told me that a man hired him to cut the grass that had grown very tall. The man said he was sitting on his front porch when Cougars of Memphis!

young daughter was calling out here kitty kitty and he noticed a cougar He lives on Moores lane. South Knoxville do not want to give location for protectionwest of John Sevier Rd. I had no other thought of what it could be and I still belive, I was so happy and excited. A native East Tennesseean nature lover got to see a big cat in the wild!!! What I saw A young mountain lion the size of a full grow dog but longer long, tail the length of it's body from noise to butt.

Head round with short mussel and rounded ears on top of it's head. I didn't have along enough to see colorashons. As it was running from one side of the road to the other. The location is perfect plenty of mountains and small game that will never be hunted by man. I have 1 acre that is part of the mountain and we have foxes, coyotes and smaller game such as raccoons, possums in abundance.

I had know idea till today when I saw the post on FB that there had been siteings. I do hope I mite see the mountain lion again but I would much rather see it survive and multiply!!! The most recent sighting was just this year by a woman who was completely unaware of the other cougar sightings.

My father actually had to scare the cougar away from a cow it was trying to attack. He is absolutely certain it was a cougar. In I was giving a visiting friend, Kieth Traywick, a little tour of what would become Gibson county lake, approximately miles outside of Trenton.

It stopped in the left side shallow ditch by the fence row, turned its head and looked right at us. At first sight of the animal we, in chorus, had muttered. Kieth is an accomplished architect and I had grown up visiting some of the largest zoos in the United States so we were both capable of judging the size and nature of our respective observations. I will never forget how it felt to stare eye to eye with this big cat. After about 10 seconds it turned its head away from us and sauntered up and through the fence disappearing into the woods.

We both sat there for a few more moments mentally digesting what we had just witnessed. Upon returning to my house less than a mile away, I saw my next door neighbor in his driveway and stopped to tell him what we just saw. After hearing my first words he turned pale and blurted, "Oh my God! He had assured her that she was mistaken, but now realized she had sighted a female cougar and her young offspring cougars are born spotted and remain that way for their first year.

I called TWRA three times, got voic and left messages.

Cougars of Memphis!

The third time I threatened to contact the media and they returned my call. They tried to convince me that we did not see a cougar. I finally convinced them that we did and I was concerned that if there was a female and a cub then there was a large male around somewhere and we had small children and pets at risk. They said "Don't worry, the odds are, you will never see one again. The public needs to know that there are potentially deadly alpha predators roaming around this area and it is only a matter of time before it le to a human fatal tragedy.

Thank you for having this website and sharing with others. I'm not sure if it was a bobcat or cougar. It was brown in color and was headed south. Sorry to fast to get a picture. Could NOT believe it!

Cougars of Memphis!

Reporter Date Location Color heidi sullivan Oct 6, eagleville, TN tanish grey I saw it walk across my yard and into the woods on our property. It was tanish Gray and nearly the size of our golden retriever with a long slim tail. This was in a field in my front yard that belonged to a neighbor.

Cougars of Memphis!

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