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A transcript of the call can be found below…. I think for a lot of great reasons there is a ton of optimism, and optimism reigns in Hamilton these days. We continue to put a great product on the field and aside from a very bitter loss at home in the playoff game, there was a lot to be proud of in We had our second straight year of record revenue last year. We had great revenue growth with season tickets, casual tickets, corporate partnerships and merchandise.

We went over the million dollar mark for the first time in Tiger-Cat history and obviously our food and beverage inside the stadium had ificant growth as well.

Free phone chat in Bellefeuille

As I said, we talked about the merchandise growth and we had double digit growth as well in our corporate partnerships. There is a lot of competition for with us which is great.

Free phone chat in Bellefeuille

That beats the industry standard. We still have a ways to go though. I give our marketing group a lot of credit for that. Again, engaging with the fans and essentially giving the fans a voice to be heard. It gives the fans the chance to vote on everything that happens at the game that day including, and Coach Bellefeuille was very receptive to this, having the fans vote on the opening play of the game that Coach Bellefeuille will give them a choice of plays to vote on. Also, the marketing group has done a great job with the exhibition game which basically lets our season ticket holders dictate who they want in the stadium that day, an exclusive event for our season ticket holders.

Free phone chat in Bellefeuille

But what I can say that what was a very tough debate for a great deal of time ended off with a good result and what was at times acrimonious, has turned into an incredibly positive and enthusiastic relationship with the city and the mayor the chief of staff and the city manager. Overall, as I said, a lot of great reasons for optimism, including the stadium, which is going to be fantastic. We all agreed with that. We were going to make some changes to address that. And I think we have obviously. I know the coaching staff and Obie are extremely optimistic as well. I think the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have developed a tremendous attitude in that respect.

It comes from our ownership. It comes from Scott as our leader, and right on down the line. Danny McManus is our Head U. Scout in the South East. Drew Allemang is our Canadian scout and Drew is doing a heck of a job. This recent draft is an example of the due diligence Drew has put in, in preparing our team for the draft and our coaching staff gets involved. So were right at the end of the process now as far as finalizing our camp roster. We just had a work out this morning to look at some guys as our final decisions are to be made.

Free phone chat in Bellefeuille

Next week our rookies report, so training camp is just around the corner. Once again thank you to everyone listening on the call today, we do appreciate your attention. As a coach, the changes that have been made in the structure of the organization really gets you excited to come to work every day and truly appreciate the opportunity to be here.

Our coaching staff changes in the off-season were very positive for us. We had an opportunity to maintain some continuity and continuity is always important to the structure and balance of a team. The core of our coaching staff returns, but we made some ificant changes, partly through attrition and through need and desire with Khari Jones now being our offensive coordinator.

Bringing in Corey Chamblin as our defensive coordinator will bring that aggressive style that they played in Calgary and his leadership and ability to relate to players should take our defense to an even newer level. Our defense has already been very exciting and interesting to watch. Moving Brad Miller over to special teams with his extensive experience as a coach will be the assistant head coach and special teams coordinator and will be important for our success.

Free phone chat in Bellefeuille

Brad brings a of successes and experiences from the NFL in those roles and also his specific ability to work with kickers will allow us to continue to grow and get better on the special teams side of the ball. In terms of our players, once again we were able to have continuity and change at the same time.

We returned our core of players to the fray, the core that over the past two years has been building and developing and growing as a group together. I think it would be remiss not to mention that and that the future success of this club will be based on the core and their ability to improve and continue to deliver on the field, and Bob has done a great job of keeping those guys under contract and extending those players and keeping them in the fray.

We also made some new editions through free agency to get the changes that we need, to bring some leadership and ability to the field. Avon Cobourne obviously was a ificant ing for us on the offensive side of the football to help us get more consistent on the ground game and leadership in the locker room as well. Rey Williams on the defensive side of the ball at middle linebacker, with his experience in Saskatchewan and in Pittsburgh, will be able to anchor our defense.

Other notables like Wayne Smith as a Canadian offensive lineman, to come back to Hamilton where he started his career, I think will be important for our success. Q: Is the personnel a match for what coach Chamblin would like to do in terms of being a little bit more aggressive on defence?

As opposed to coach Marshall, he was a little bit more wait for an offence to make a mistake and I sense coach Chamblin is going to be more forcing an offence to make a mistake. Coach Bellefeuille : We have done a great job with our personnel department with Obie and Joe and the free agents camps of trying to get the right type of athletes to play in the system, especially in the secondary.

Q: Scott, you say that ticket sales and seat sales are up. What are your season ticket s at, at this point? Scott Mitchell: Just because of the vastly different nature of how they used to do things to our regime, we equate everything to revenue as opposed to seat s. Q: Marcel, did you feel the offence needed a vocal leader like Avon? Did you feel that was needed?

Free phone chat in Bellefeuille

Coach Bellefeuille : Leadership comes in a lot of different ways and we have a lot of strong leaders on our team already and players that lead by example. But, obviously having coached Avon I know him well and I know his style and I think that is something that is going to help us and is going to contribute to our leadership.

Q: How is has the NFL labour situation affected the way you put this team together? Secondly, as the lockout continues, do you anticipate there might be more free agents or even draft picks coming up here this year? Q: When you look at your off-season moves and compare them to other teams moves in the East, how confident are you that this is the year that you get over the hump? I feel really good about this year, honestly. There is just some things, there is just some special vibes I think are going on.

I expect us to be a major challenge to the Alouettes because they are the defending Grey Cup champions and our job is to dethrone them. He still is our one special teams player, so how much we utilize him physically is obviously going to be dependant on that role as well. Q: What do you think of the importance of Canadian scouting and the Canadian draft at the moment? If I think back years ago when I first came into the league as a young assistant coach, at that time I remember Edmonton was winning five straight Grey Cups and they were one of the few teams with a US scout and then they had a Canadian scout.

Q: The Alouettes have seemed to have loaded up on physical, tallish receivers… you said you want your secondary to be more aggressive, can you talk a little about the main guys that we should keep an eye on the next couple of months? Coach Bellefeuille : When we start out and we look at how we have to defend, one of the first things we look at is who do we lineup over Jamel Richardson, obviously.

He has his way with the smaller halfbacks. Players that are more athletic and can probably run better and ask them to do a little bit less, but to be able to play physically. More News. News press release.

Free phone chat in Bellefeuille

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