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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. First 3 of 6 Go to. ed Feb 9, ed Dec 15, I guess with Chicago being ranked 3rd worst place to live in the nation i easily see why they would want to "escape to wisconsin",but bragging about coming from there seems disturbing ed Jan 15, Department of Nothing but Retards :handjob: :slaphappy:.

ed Jan 16, ed Dec 27, There you go again with the excusses Bosaki's folded because of lack of income not because of someones drinking habit! Imagine the income of that property running at full potential You could not Drink a days worth of income away in your lifetime -- When there is no money coming in tourism you mortgage all you got to stay open, then drink your sorrows away because you have nothing better to do. Guess you " locals" didn't get in there enough to support his habit. I wish i had the cash to buy the place at the auction Would have turned it into a Hooters! Too bad all your women up there are missing their teeth Would have to ship Fuck buddies Minocqua up there from Chicago!

I guarantee that I will be coming up there just to piss you off for the rest of my lifeThen I will pass it on to my. I dont care who you know or who your family is or how much time you spend here the bottom line is you are not local, period. I would challenge you to leave chicago and actually become a local but you have neither the brains nor the balls to do it, all you have is a big mouth, other than that you are nothing,nobody, a statistic, a mere boil on the buttocks of life.

So go ahead, keep coming up and spend every possible dime you can and as you leave on your journey back to your holy land and your 3. I hope you will be thinking of me on any given Wednesday morning in the winter because as you pat your 3. I will be jerking my dick with one hand and squeezing the throttle with the other while giggling my ass off because I know you are miles away stuck in your mundane work a day rut of a life wishing you were here. I concede, you win. ed Dec 17, Show some class. You have made it very clear that you do not like anyone who is NOT local.

I think your bitterness has nothing to do with the DNR or the economic debate, you simply have other issues. I'm sure you have many valid points, but you are acting like the so called FIBS you dislike so much. Don't let these things get to you like that I wish I could be in your shoes. Instead, it is over freezing, the snow is melting, the trails are closed, traffic sucks, and I'm miles from heaven My lake house. I'm not going to post on this thread anymore. I see no reason to bother you and others with different opinions.

Oh yeah The DNR pissed me off last week too. I was riding with my Dad and son, following the rules of the trails too might I add. I passed a DNR going the opposite direction on trail 10 and he was in the middle of the trail.

He then turned around and chased us down. He said we were going to fast? I had my 5 yr old son with me and I was doing about 35 MPH. I laughed at him and showed him my ID. After he realized I am a Federal Marshal My jurisdiction is nation wide and my authority supercedes any local law enforcementhe was shitting in his pants and appologized for about ten minutes.

He then told me that he is just trying to keep the trails safe. He didn't say shit after that. Oh well, it could have been worse, but no one got hurt, and we had a nice day. My son has not stopped talking about snowmobiling yet. I love it, I remember how it was when I was his age. I am a Wisconsin native, I left here after high school and I lived in a few other states including Florida, when I came back to WI, I got a job offer from a worldwide corporation that had offices in Illinois a few months later, so for a few years I worked for a company in flatland, I was forced to reside there due to company policy and my company car insurance.

I got sick of that state real quick and I came back home. The money was good there, it was just the area, the traffic, and the attitudes of everyone that I did not like. I tried riding a sled down there a few times, if you think the WIDNR is bad, you need to deal with the ILDNR to open your eyes a little more As for tourist income being the main part of the economy in Minocqua and its surrounding communities, it is just not true.

I used the fulltime resident population! I did not use projected income from people coming here from Illinois to Fuck buddies Minocqua snowmobiling because it is such a small amount that is dependent on snow cover, it was inificant as a business planning tool. So do the Fuck buddies Minocqua on paper and you IL guys might actually realize how inificant you really are! And maybe that just might shut you up for a little while too. Harlan Bosacki successfully killed a great family business that was a goldmine before he took it over.

The quality of food sucked after he got it, the service Fuck buddies Minocqua, the prices sucked, and the drunken fighting between him and marty for the entire dining room to see and hear makes for a very uncomfortable over-priced dining experience. He alienated his loyal customer base which consisted of locals. Locals are the core business up here, summer tourists are a large boost, winter visitors are nothing, absolutely inificant nothingness not even worth mentioning in a business plan that is not based on snowmobiles or snowmobiling.

The only business's in minocqua that entirely relies on tourist's are the hotels, paul bunyans and their crappy food, and the t-shirt shops. Our core customer base is the local fulltime residents. And that is what everything is based on. Not some loud obnoxious snowmobiler from IL. Here is a web cam pic of Trackside in E.

ed Dec 7, Some of you need to read the rules on personal attacks, or this will be closed. And you won't be posting anything. If you went with WI registration as opposed to the trail pass, we thank you, that registration money then goes to the correct funds. This thread started about the WIDNR being bungholes, and yes I agree that they are bad and getting worse at harassing law-abiding citizens. But someone decided to make a very ignorant comment about how IL snowmobilers are the only reason we have a surviving economy up here, and that is a false assumption in every way!

My point was that many of you guys from IL think your weekends spent riding up here are the sole backbone of our economy and we should kiss your ass because of it, when in all truthfulness your little winter weekend jaunts have very little to do with the strength of our economy. If you live up here as a fulltime resident and are a business owner as I am. You would quickly realize that Fuck buddies Minocqua money from you is just a small drop in the bucket unless your business is snowmobile specific.

Our economy is based on the 8-month fulltime resident population density, and a large boost is seen during the 4 prime summer months. I am not talking about visitors staying at hotels and resorts, I am talking about actual homeowners with a physical address. How do I know this?

Fuck buddies Minocqua

Now in the last years we have also seen another trend, instead of people staying at resorts and hotels, they have purchased 2nd homes. They are no longer forced to eat at a restaurant since they can cook for themselves at those 2nd homes. So the restaurants, resorts and hotels obviously will take a hit. And we have seen evidence of that with the closure of many restaurants and resorts in the last 15 years and even more in trouble lately with the bad economy s since "he who shall not be named" has been in the white house.

I think what pissed off wiscsnowrider Fuck buddies Minocqua the wrongfully assumed statement by a few that think IL snowmobilers are the sole reason we have what we have, and the attitude shown by the minority of these people from IL that have wrongfully made that assumption.

I agree with WSR, but I figured I would show the s and how inificant income from snowmobilers really is with hopes I could eduacte a few on the subject and leave emotion out of the discussion. In summary; Snowmobile money is a slight boost to our base winter economy, but nothing to be relied on.

Local business owners need to cater to the locals, if they ignore that base they will fail, or they will only be open during the four summer months just like we see with Paul Bunyans and the T-shirt shops located in downtown Minocqua. And my financials are solid as agreed upon by me, my CPA, and my loan officer at the bank.

Fuck buddies Minocqua

If they were not solid, we would not be in business. Nowhere in my financial plan does snowmobile tourist fit into anything! But that all it is! When are my negative cashflow months?? The same exact time we have snowmobilers up here, then the spring months when weight limits are placed on our ro due to the spring thaw, coincidence??

I don't think so! Anyways, you got about 2 more weeks to ride, so get it in while you can.

Fuck buddies Minocqua

We have a large melt coming in the next few weeks to make our mediocre trail conditions even worse, I project that by Mar 17th, the only riding available will be north of mani-waters. So ride while you can. ed Sep 28, There are a few places that I do not feel apprecaited at in the northwoods, and I do not go back. That is my choice. We need the local business owners to be very vocal about the potential loss of business. I for one will not tolerate it. If i am stopped for any reason at any checkpoint, like what is happening, I will tell the DNR ass-clown that I am going back down trail to warn the other sledders to turn around.

I am tired of this money-grab. Lets look at some of the crap they have pulled over the last 3 years, and the current complaints from riders this season. They are turning the northwoods into an unfavorable area to ride because of it. I think the best way to get the proper attention to this matter would be to start Fuck buddies Minocqua letter writing campaign, send them to the local the chamber of commerce office in every city in the area, Write the town supervisors, write the newspapers up here like the lakeland times. I agree with the article if your riding like a dickhead, with expired registration, no trail pass, and breaking every law that you can, and get a ticket, you obviously deserve it.

Fuck buddies Minocqua

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