Hillsboro oregon lesbian

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This article is meant to give a brief description of most major laws, court decisions, ballot measures, and other governmental action that could have in some way affected the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer LGBTQ Oregonians since These items are generally listed in chronological order, but that is not always possible.

Terminology for our community and our quest for equality has changed from time to time. In this article, I will try to use terms that were most pertinent to the period or situation discussed. I have documented all my sources as best possible. But in many cases, this cannot be done because it is based on my personal experience or informal chat with a reliable source. All links I have provided were valid at the time this document was written. However, in each of those instances, I have also provided the article headline, newspaper name, and date so you might be able to reference them from other archival source.

I have no way of knowing how these actions are interpreted or even if they are still in force. I am not trained in law, and this document is not intended to be a source of legal advice or analysis. If you have a question about legal rights, please contact a legal professional. If you believe there are any inaccuracies in this article, or if you suggest any additions or feedback, please contact GLAPN at info glapn.

It is my hope that this document will be the basis of further research on the subjects addressed here. As a result, almost all homosexual conduct was illegal. The law was changed considerably through a criminal code revision ed into law by progressive Republican Governor Tom McCall intaking effect in At that time, our movement was too young and inexperienced to have any Hillsboro oregon lesbian on laws.

Under the new statute, generally no sexual conduct is illegal as long as it is noncommercial, private, and among consenting adults. In late or earlya gay man told me that he had been entrapped by a police officer in southern Oregon and charged with violating this provision. The incident did not occur in a bar. Their board did so shortly thereafter. The legal provision itself was declared unconstitutional in in State v.

Hillsboro oregon lesbian

to the sodomy law revision that became effective inactively homosexual men and women were essentially criminals. However, even after the legal reform, it took a long time for law enforcement attitudes to change. Ina representative of the Portland Police Bureau appeared before the City Council asking for the closure of a popular bar called the Family Zoo simply because it was gay. From my own reading at that time The proposal did not succeed. That was probably because the Oregon Liquor Control Commission has the primary determination of what bars retain s.

Even in the s, the agency had generally refused to close bars on the grounds they had gay clienteles. In one of the trials I witnessed, the gay man was charged with prostitution, even though the arresting officer never stated that exchange of money had been discussed. The judge found the gay man guilty, although I do not know whether the conviction was for prostitution. A late friend of mine named Ken told me an experience he had in the s.

A stranger called Ken a homophobic name in public just because Ken was wearing earrings. When Ken talked back to the stranger, the stranger attacked him with a knife. Portland gay activist Lanny Swerdlow explains that inhe tried to create a safe meeting place for gays who were too Hillsboro oregon lesbian to patronize bars.

There were as many as kids hanging out there at a time, something that upset others in the area. He says that he soon found himself on the outs with the Portland police, who wanted to be able to arrest underage kids for curfew violation. So cops entered his club regularly, arresting some patrons. In one incident a couple months after the club opened, Lanny recalls, the police came into the club, arrested about a dozen kids, in some cases knocking them over. Lanny estimates that about three of the kids were actually bleeding.

The police then hauled off about a dozen kids in a paddy wagon. PTC recommended a lawyer who then wrote a letter to the city attorney saying that police could not enter a private establishment and arrest juveniles for curfew violation. This action stopped police from entering the club. But the police then stationed two juvenile officers outside the club to arrest the underage kids when they exited.

To avoid arrest, the kids would sometimes stay all night. Jordan sent an aid to observe and found the story to be true. Jordan then told the Police Bureau they could not continue waiting outside the club to arrest patrons, so the problems ceased. Hillsboro oregon lesbian my phone and communications with Lanny Swerdlow. Gay activist Jerry Weller explains that a plainclothes police officer had been going to these regularly. When propositioned by a gay man, the officer would arrest him. PTC organized a group of about people from our community to meet with him.

Schrunk agreed that if a man solicited sex from the officer in an adult bookstore, the officer should refuse. Schrunk let the police know his new policy. That put a halt to the bookstore police harassment. In the early s, Portland was the scene of a large of violent attacks on people thought to be gay. Victims may have been reluctant to report it to the police because they assumed the police were anti-gay. PTC worked with the police to rectify the bashing problem. From my phone and communications with Jerry Weller.

Activists soon realized the need for legal protection from discrimination. Our earliest attempt at that was House Billintroduced in the Oregon Legislature in It failed by a narrow margin. At that time, the City of Portland had no general civil rights ordinance to which we could append sexual orientation protection. But starting in Hillsboro oregon lesbian, gay activists tried to get the city to take a stand against anti-gay bias in city employment.

Mayor Goldschmidt had long been noncommittal on the issue, but spoke strongly in favor of it at this meeting. He was later elected Oregon Governor. Charles Jordan had been appointed to the City Council in to fill a vacancy.

Hillsboro oregon lesbian

He was the first African American in that position, and he won some subsequent elections to retain his seat. In the council debate on this proposal, Ivancie declared "I'm not going to support homos in firehouses". In an election at a later date, Ivancie beat the very gay supportive McCready in her bid to remain mayor. Inshe had organized a successful sit-in at a restaurant that would not serve women. However, many and possibly most Oregon feminists at that time were supportive of gay civil rights.

Peggy Burton was a school teacher in a small town near Salem. Inshe was fired from her position after rumors circulated that she was a lesbian and she refused to deny it. Here is the outcome of Burton v. Cascade School District as explained to me in an from Hinkle:. However, the court refused to reinstate her to her old position, on the ground that reinstatement "would not work" in the small community of Turner, Oregon. This was an early and very important legal precedent against anti-gay employment bias.

Hillsboro oregon lesbian

The Portland based non-profit Community Law Project CLPwhich was started inincluded a of lesbian and bisexual women attorneys. The firm represented gay men and lesbians in a variety of causes. This laid the groundwork for my adoption case in In English and Janet A. InKatharine became a Juvenile Court referee.

Hillsboro oregon lesbian

In the s, the City of Eugene had an ordinance that banned discrimination in a of. They finally succeeded in Voters passed Measure 51 by an almost 2 to one margin, so the civil rights protection given to gays was repealed. Innewly elected Multnomah County Commissioner Gretchen Kafoury spearheaded a resolution to ban discrimination in county hiring on the basis of sexual orientation.

Ballot Measure 8 would also prohibit any state official in the future from requiring non-discrimination against state employees based on sexual orientation.

Hillsboro oregon lesbian

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