Looking a female homie

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Telisha is a relationship writer for Hello Beautiful and the author of a more personal blog, Goddess Intellect from the diverse city of Toronto. When Telisha is not crafting blog posts behind her laptop she is busy behind the scenes providing relationship consultations, hosting exciting events, and making trouble on Twitter. Beyond what the episode represented, many tuned in for advice, gals and guys alike. I used to have closer relationships with my guy friends than my lady friends. I was able to communicate my true feelings and interests without being met with snarky flippancy or raised eyebrow- gum-snapping rhetoric.

I realize now that it was my company and growing pains topped off with a low self-esteem dressing that kept me from connecting with more women.

Looking a female homie

When I started dating or attempting to I learned that there were two of men: men who wanted to slip their slimy selves into my dainty drawers or men who simply loved that he could tell me anything and that we were cool. Well this is great and all but the problem was that I kept falling head over 6 inch heels for the one who was cool like dat when we was in fact just a friend.

Looking a female homie

I also hated that I was this laid back eccentric type who appreciated taking her time and friendships. I hated being and hearing that I could only be a friend and nothing more. In my workshops I encourage participants to wholeheartedly embrace themselves.

Instead of trying to change their hardwired and brilliant personalities we work with them. For example you may have been focusing on booing up when there are friends, co-workers, acquaintances who exhausting your generosity on a daily basis.

Looking a female homie

How can you attract someone who is on the same emotional wavelength when you are unable to lay down the law in other areas? If this post is speaking to you today and you know there is some ish in your life that needs working on, I urge you to send me a quick to inquire about the summer Relationship Vision Workshop. We will meet online weekly to support one another and learn how to move past these blocks in our love life. Telisha N Posted May 11, Dating tipsfriend zonefriends with benefits. More from Hello Beautiful.

Looking a female homie Looking a female homie

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Are You Always The Homie, But Never “The” Girl?