Looking for a mad love

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Mad Love is the third studio album by American singer-songwriter JoJo. The album was released on October 14,through Atlantic Records. It serves as her first major official release in a decade following 's The High Road.

A deluxe edition of the album featuring 4 bonus tracks was released simultaneously alongside the eleven-track standard edition. JoJo co-wrote every song on the album while also vocal producing every song. JoJo had recorded several incarnations of a third album while still contracted under Blackground Records since early that were ultimately shelved and scrapped following JoJo's release and ing with Atlantic Records in December The album had then begun production again Looking for a mad love scratch and was re-written and recorded over a two-year period, with majority of the album being recorded in early Occasionally the album dips into other genres such adult contemporary and soul music.

The song became moderate success charting on the U. Billboards Pop Digital Songs chart, peaking at forty. Upon its release, the album received generally favorable reviews from music criticssome noting that the album became JoJo's "bold coming-of-age statement" that helped cement her maturity and vocal growth since her album. A vinyl LP edition of the album was made available on February 3, Following the release of " Anything "—the final single from her second studio album The High Road —in lateJoJo stated that she had been writing and working with producers for her third studio album, but would not go into the studio until early As of Augustthirty tracks leaked, well over an album's worth of material.

The album was preceded by the extended play III pronounced "tringle"which was released on August 21, Which saw her visit 23 cities nationwide with several international dates in Europe. Initially the tour and III 's release was a reintroduction for JoJo into the industry with a major label backing that had been lacking from her label. During this time, a large portion of the album had already been recorded.

All three tracks from III were originally set to appear on JoJo's third album as the first 3 singles from the album that would each receive service to top 40 radio at different stages leading up to the impending album's release. Subsequently, during the tour, Levesque's father Joel had passed away in November due to struggles with addiction and had also broken up with her boyfriend of two years.

He called me and was like, 'I have this thing. I don't wanna leave you. I don't wanna lose you. But I need to go. But then after losing my father and going on tour and going through that experience, I got back in the studio at the beginning of this year and was like, 'I'm a soul singer. If I'm not coming from my heart, what am I doing? I was trying to make other people happy". Following the tour's conclusion in DecemberLevesque took a 6-day rest from work during the first week of January, where JoJo booked a hotel and spent time with herself and re-evaluated her life. As a result, JoJo was unhappy with the approach the album was taking and decided to "take control" and begun re-recording and re-writing the entire album to fit her new feelings and emotions.

This resulted in the Tringle becoming its own stand-alone project with majority of the albums re-recordings taking place over a Looking for a mad love period at the top ofwith only a few tracks from earlier Tringle recording sessions making it onto the final album, "I Am. From September 9 to 15,JoJo ed short videos of her singing each song from the album on her Instagramrevealing the track listing of the album. Near the end ofit was rumored that JoJo had parted ways with Da Family Entertainment and Blackground Recordsand had ed a new record contract with Interscope Records.

In earlyJoJo denied the rumor, saying that she was still ed to Blackground Records. Later in JuneJoJo confirmed that the album had been fully completed and will begin its promotion as soon as her record label finalized a new distribution deal. It was very frustrating.

Looking for a mad love

For a while I felt like, why am I continuing to go into the studio constantly if it's never going to be released? It was a very frustrating, stagnant place. I got discouraged at some points, but I just kept believing in what we kept trying to make happen and what I've been working my whole life towards. I was able to release music less through less nontraditional means, but I had to find a way to stay creative and express myself in spite of the legalities.

In lateBlackground Records had failed to release JoJo's third album and lost its distribution deal with Interscope Recordsputting JoJo in limbo unable to release any music at all as they controlled the money, promotion and masters of any recorded material. She argued that her contract was up in March However, instead of freeing JoJo and allowing her to with another label with more resources, Blackground wanted to keep her under contract from ing with another label and making commercial success.

In mid Decemberthe lawsuit reached its conclusion with JoJo and Blackground settling outside of court, and subsequently JoJo ing her new contract the following day. The agreement states that Blackground would own all the master copies of all recordings JoJo submitted while still under contract, and in exchange JoJo would be released from her contract.

Looking for a mad love

In mid, JoJo revealed that the album, titled All I Want Is Everythingwas scheduled for a fourth quarter release that year, to coincide with her eighteenth birthday in December. The title was taken from the self-penned title track, which sums up her feelings about what she wants in life and how she can go about getting it as being an "inspirational anthem for everyone who has struggled and strives for more". She said, "My third album will be called Jumping Trains and it's very symbolic for a variety of reasons Moving from Boston to L.

During an interview with BBC Radio 1 in August JoJo was hush about announcing any details but stated that the album's title was two words first beginning with "M" and second beginning with "L". It was one of the first songs that I wrote for this album, and I felt like it kind of shaped the intention of it, of this work. And, a phrase that I use in my family a lot, we say, 'I love you madly.

That's also the love that I like to have in my romantic life.

Looking for a mad love

So, all of that is represented on this album. On September 7, just over a month away from the album's release, JoJo revealed the album artwork via her social media s and announced the album would be available for pre-order on September 16, JoJo appears on the cover, "looking fierce as ever" while the rest of the artwork is otherwise blurred by paint smears and blots of pink, green, and white hues with the album art direction and de created by Nick Malvone. On June 6,prior to any official announcements for release of JoJo's third album.

In it, scenes flash in and out, from present day to her past, showing what an impact music has had on her throughout the years. The video included a preview of a new emotional piano ballad titled " Music. A more upbeat snippet of a song appeared at the end of the video later revealed to be the lead single. The following day, JoJo announced the release of her new album through a shot of a pregnancy test and announced the first official lead single " Fuck Apologies ", through her official Facebook.

That same day, the song was released to all digital retailers for purchase. Following the release, the songs accompanying music video debuted on JoJo's official website the next day. The album's lead single " Fuck Apologies " featuring Wiz Khalifa was teased by JoJo on July 26, in a promotional video previewing new music. The single was officially released as the lead single from the album on July 28, On October 14,she performed the song live on the Today show.

After its initial release as a promotional single, " FAB " featuring Remy Ma was released as the album's second single on November 29, JoJo's triple single extended play III. Tringle was released on August 21, The three singles, "When Love Hurts", "Save My Soul" and "Say Love" Although originally intended to be the first three singles from the album that would each receive service to top 40 radio at different stages leading up to the impending album release.

It was subsequently not included on the standard or deluxe editions of Mad Love and instead used as a standalone project to promote the album. The album has received positive reviews from music critics. At Metacriticit has a score of 70 out of based on 6 reviews. Mad Love debuted at six on the U. Billboardselling 25, album-equivalent unitsof which 19, were traditional album sales in its first week. It charted three spots lower and with ificantly lower sales than her second album.

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Looking for a mad love

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