Love a woman on top

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While men initiate make-out and intercourse sessions nine out of ten times, it is true that they love it when their woman takes charge of situations involving intimacy and romance. Here are five things that men like about women being on top of them while having sex. Let your man lie back while you send him to a land of ecstasy and make him moan in pleasure.

Yes, men love to take charge in the bedroom but they also like to take a break once in a while.

Love a woman on top

Furthermore, they enjoy being dominated by their partner and see their woman at her confident best. It matters a lot to the men as they rarely gain an opportunity like this one! Most sex positions allow the woman to lie back and enjoy pleasure in absolute comfort unlike men.

Resting his back and receiving pleasure would be like a dream come true for your man. Being able to look at you while experiencing utmost pleasure turns a man on even more. As you ride your man, he would love to gently fondle your breasts and admire your body at the same time.

This helps him build towards his climax and experience a mind-blowing orgasm. It goes without saying that women need to know the skill of riding a guy, else this position would be a waste. What are you waiting for?

Love a woman on top

Go ahead, take the lead and please your man! Like men Things Top women. Shama Nimkar. Related Posts.

Love a woman on top

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Love a woman on top Love a woman on top

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