Need a dancer for a party

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Our roster is packed full of a huge range of dancers, troupes, shows and themed dance entertainment for all kinds of events. From world dancers and iconic dance styles made popular throughout the decades to the distinct genres of ballet, ballroom, and burlesque, contemporary fusion styles and dance using technology, our professional dancers deliver thrilling stage shows, enchanting mix and mingle entertainment, immersive dance workshops and more.

A hugely diverse performing art, dance is a powerful entertainment option that can be used to set any tone, evoke emotions in your guests and transport them to another world, culture, or time. From ballet and flamenco to flash mobs and s Charleston dancersour diverse roster of dance show entertainment is full of exceptional acts whatever the occasion. Showcasing an impressive array of dazzling costumes, impressive choreography and added extras such as lighting, props, backdrops and accompanying singers, our dancers can be hired to enhance any theme and wow any audience from children and families to wedding guests, corporate audiences, and crowds in their hundreds.

Have a particular concept in mind? Most of our acts offer basic customisation when it comes to costumes and choreography, but we can also work with our Custom creations to put together totally bespoke productions. Discover contemporary troupes made famous by talent shows, create a modern spectacle with LED costumes and robot-like costumesor opt for traditional classics from a diverse range of cultures. Ballet, ballroomburlesqueflamenco, cancanice skaterscheerleadersVegas showgirlsfolk dancers, cultural dancers, tap … we have an impressive repertoire of dance styles from professional dancers and renowned troupes across the world.

We have an astonishingly diverse roster of dancers. A performing art that has developed in cultures all over the world for thousands of years, dance shows offer plenty of exciting options to choose from! Perfect for setting just the right mood and ambience at your event, our dance shows are fantastic for uplifting opening ceremonies, sophisticated after dinner entertainment and powerful awards show spectaculars. Discover flamenco, futuristic LED dancers, ballet, tap, lindy hop, ballroom, burlesque, showgirls, contemporary, shadow dancers, cheerleaders, fire dancers, Cossack, can-can, multimedia laser dancers, flash mob… the list really is almost endless!

Anything you need. Dance is a highly versatile artform with unlimited genres, costumes, music and new fusion styles being developed all the time. Of course! Ballroom dance has seen a resurgence in recent years thanks to TV dancing talent shows.

From the foxtrot to the rumba, our roster of professional ballroom dancers has numerous awards and accolades between them. We have an extensive and varied range of LED dancers on our roster to choose from. Our most popular are the tron type dancers with fantastic futuristic suits. We have large collection of ballerinas that have LED lights built-in to their dresses to bring a whole new dimension to the classic performance. There are also dancers who are also percussionists and have LEDs about their person and in their drums.

Need a dancer for a party

We also have some superb winged LED female dancers. Booking Dance Entertainment Dancers for events: private and corporate entertainment. about Dancers.

Need a dancer for a party

Dancers For Hire A hugely diverse performing art, dance is a powerful entertainment option that can be used to set any tone, evoke emotions in your guests and transport them to another world, culture, or time. Browse Local Acts. Frequently Asked Questions. What type of dancers does Scarlett Entertainment represent? What themed dancers can you provide?

Can I hire ballroom dancers for my event? Do you offer LED dancers? Currently Trending- Dancers. Adam Jukes - The Skating Duo. Love Themed Shadow Shows. Bespoke Dance Shows UK.

Need a dancer for a party Need a dancer for a party

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