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Sex in San Diego California ar

For nearly two decades, U. District Judge Roger T. Benitez was a low-profile jurist handling routine immigration and drug cases in San Diego federal court. Inhe blocked a ban on magazines that hold more than 10 bullets. The next year, he knocked down a voter-approved law that required background checks for ammunition purchases.

To many gun control advocates and victims of gun violence, the last decision in particular provoked anger and incredulity. A bespectacled man who fled Cuba asBenitez serves on the board of a local law schoolholds a prestigious position on the national Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation and is well-respected in some corners of the San Diego legal community. Fellow judges say he has been an ethical, conscientious worker and a team player.

The Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union-Tribune interviewed 30 attorneys and judges and reviewed court transcripts, appellate records, congressional testimony and published interviews. Benitez declined to be interviewed. Inthe American Bar Assn. Bush nominated him for the lifetime district court position.

In an era of fierce polarization, Benitez seems a perfect fit, an object of rage and adoration. His rhetorical flourishes, dramatic anecdotes and a tendency toward gun-related puns seem at times deed to troll gun-safety advocates, who view his rulings and his expansive view of the 2nd Amendment with a mixture of outrage and alarm. But U. After law school, he set up shop as a lawyer while raising two kids with his wife, Kitty. He was appointed to the Imperial County Superior Court in and became a federal magistrate in InBush approved five new federal judgeships for the Southern District of California.

Benitez was nominated, but he was far from a shoo-in. With the backing of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Benitez was confirmed on a vote. His close friend U. People are attracted to him. That includes his attitude at sentencing hearings at which people convicted of crimes have the right to address the court. Benitez is known to have little patience for those comments, said David Peterson, a former attorney with Federal Defenders of San Diego.

The hearing, for a Mexican man convicted of sex trafficking, was necessary because judges in the U. They first found insufficient evidence to convict the man on some counts. On the second and third appeals, they found that Benitez had made errors in the sentencing process. Inhe was ased the large-capacity magazine lawsuit. Then came three more 2nd Amendment cases in the next two years, because of a court rule that allows either side to request that their case be heard by a judge with experience on the topic.

After the assault-weapon ruling, Gov. Gun rights groups have hailed Benitez for what they deem an honest, clear-eyed approach to the law and an insistence that government lawyers prove that gun control measures actually work. Over a five-year period, Benitez sentenced defendants and gave an average sentence of The wildfire, which killed 15 people and destroyed more than 2, homes in San Diego County, was at the time the largest in state history.

Though the maximum sentence was five years in prison, Benitez gave the hunter six months in a work-furlough program. The hunter, who lit the fire after being lost for 11 hours in the Cleveland National Forest, was remorseful and had done what he had been taught in a wilderness training course, Benitez said in court.

Times subscribers first access to our best journalism. Thank you for your support. Since Benitez began handling a lighter caseload as a semi-retired senior judge inhe has drawn the ire of defendants by taking months to more than a year to rule on their post-conviction motions — or to even acknowledge and docket their filings, according to an analysis of court files.

Sex in San Diego California ar

Other judges in the Southern District deal with similar motions within a much shorter time frame, sometimes two weeks or less, a review of court records shows. Several defendants asked the 9th Circuit to order Benitez to rule on their motions or to compel him to explain why he had not. One man in a Texas private prison asked Benitez in October to as an attorney to help him request compassionate release. Last month, a government attorney argued that the man should no longer qualify for compassionate release because he was vaccinated against COVID in May, a week before his request finally appeared in the court system.

Benitez oversaw the federal fraud and conspiracy case filed against five architects of the infamous pension deal that nearly bankrupted the city of San Diego. Its members, covert adherents to the Communist Party, began going door to door, asking neighbors to surrender their weapons, said Lillian Guerra, a University of Florida history professor.

His father was a businessman, and his mother held advanced degrees. In the Daily Journal, Benitez recalled opening the front door one day to see two armed people in army uniforms who took his mother away.

Sex in San Diego California ar

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Sex in San Diego California ar

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Sex in San Diego California ar

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Sex in San Diego California ar

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