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Swingers Dating Flowers. Oregon Swingers Personals. To add your Swinger Club. We are primarily couples and single women, however we do accept single men into our events, but they must be sponsored and accompanied by members in good standing. Our scheduled events are on the group calendar.

Swingers Personals in Netarts

Just click on "Calendar" in the menu box. That corresponds to couple-single woman-single man Come and see where the real swingers play. Call for more info. Ace of Hearts Portland's Erotic Nightspot An on-premise members-only facility for adults in the lifestyle "Swingers" to get together. If you are a couple, single lady, or a single gentleman by invitation onlyyou are welcome to come and the "fun and frolicking" that can be enjoyed at the club.

Each new member is required to attend the New Members Orientation. The purpose of the orientation is to educate members about the lifestyle and the ACE of Hearts club. One of the points stressed at the orientation is that the word "NO" means NO and that anyone breaking this rule will be asked to leave the club, possibly on a permanent basis. Another of the points stressed is that drugs or alcohol will NOT be tolerated at the club and that smoking is not allowed inside the building or in the hot tubs. There is a separate area that is set up for smokers. Snacks, soft drinks, coffee, water, and ice are provided by the club.

Outside food is not allowed. You must: Have valid picture ID Be 18 or older Be interested in this "lifestyle" Attend the required orientation Meet the definition for the specific membership Pay a membership fee and annual renewals Follow and adhere to club rules and policies Couples -def A man and woman who are in an established relationship whether married, living together, or otherwise committed and attend the club together are a "couple". Couples can attend all ACE events You both need to attend orientation.

Remember this is a social club, first and foremost!!! Whether she is married, committed, or uncommitted; if she attends the place by herself, she is a single female. You need to attend orientation. Whether he is married, committed, or a bachelor; if he attends the place by himself, he is a single male. There is a tour of the facility and an interview process. Then you may be invited to. Single male members may attend unaccompanied regular single male rate or with a female member as his date at the couples rate. We strictly enforce all policies on behavior, including the rule that "no" means "NO!

We are proud to be members of NASCA and are committed to help further the community that so many of us have learned to call "the Lifestyle". Nightshift-nw Portland, Oregon swinger dance club.

Swingers Personals in Netarts

If you are new to the lifestyle or wanting to meet new and old friends, then come to our dance. Never any pressure. Please visit our website for more information. Dances are normally the 2nd Saturday of each month. Location is not posted on our web site. Please for location. The Salem Swingtime Dance provides special events for mature couples who are interested in the swinging lifestyle.

We produce a private and seductive dance each month that entices and excites attractive couples from all over Oregon and Southwest Washington. It is a chance to pursue sexual fantasies normally suppressed in other dance environments. The key feature of our dance is that there is never any pressure to participate. The Salem Swingtime Dance is an off premise dance, which means we do not have a facility available for sexual activity.

You will, however, frequently see spontaneous acts of seduction performed on the dance floor. You may dress as seductively or as conservatively as you'd like We conduct an orientation discussion at the dance hall just prior to each dance. This discussion is deed to address many questions and concerns such as health risk, etiquette, jealousy, sexual preference and more. This gives couples new to the lifestyle the information they need to ease the normal jitters, and is an opportunity to meet your hosts and other new couples.

This kind of recreation is best approached with a secure, well established primary relationship. Honest considerations must be given to the possibility of jealousy and it's control. Just remember that your primary objectives should be to widen your circle of friends and to have fun! Salem Swingtime Dance provides a dance for mature couples who are interested in the swinging lifestyle. Doors open at p. Orientation for new couples at p.

Music begins at p. The Dance is held in a completely smoke-free environment. The dance is located In Salem, there is plenty of parking. In order to keep the dance private, the location is not on the web site. Please the hosts for more information. In practical terms, this translates into married couples, and couples in committed and casual relationships, engaging in Swingers Personals in Netarts activity with other couples outside of their relationship. It is very different from cheating, however, because everyone involved are mutual participants, free of guilt, dishonesty and deceit.

In other words, a couple in a relationship has openly discussed and agreed that such social-sexual interactions with others is ok. Sexual Activities Threesomes - Three people, two of one gender and one of another.

Swingers Personals in Netarts

In this situation, all three people may interact with each other as is common when the threesome is two women and one manor two of the people, usually of the same gender, may be interacting only with the third as is common when the threesome is two men and one woman. Couple to couple - One couple pairing up with another. After an exchange of partners, the participants usually but not always engage in social-sexual activity within close proximity of each other. That is within the same room or on the same bed.

Frequently, these couples may interact in such a way that the foursome activities are more similar to group sex, with all involved participating together. Groups orgies - This activity is an encounter with four or more people in the same sexual interaction. It may be two couples as described earlier, or any gender and relationship configuration involving both sexes of four or more people.

Bisexuality - People of the same gender, sexually interacting. This is fairly common among women, although not all women by any means. Bisexuality among men is extremely rare in the swinging lifestyle, although not unheard of. Voyeurism - Watching others involved in sexual activity. This activity is usually welcome in open group party areas, but no in private areas. It is common for a couple to have a partner that likes to watch voyeurism while the other likes to show off exhibitionism.

Social aspects of swinging Swinging is a social activity. Whether attending a party, meeting with another couple privately, or engaging with a single person for a threesome, the participants talk with one another, eat, drink, and laugh, all with the purpose of becoming acquainted in order to sexually enjoy one another. Sexual activity may or may not follow, however. Many swingers have swinging friends they have known for month, even years, that they have not been sexually involved with.

Swingers Personals in Netarts

Private, clubs, and party houses offer a place to gather to swing. The environment is meant to be one of social warmth and belonging. It is pleasurable to meet new people, friends and acquaintances at a party. Pleasant memories come from lounging, perhaps partially dressed or nude, in a group around the fireplace; talking, listening to music, laughing and warming up to one another. This may happen in a hot tub, Jacuzzi or pool as well. When these social experiences are complimented by enjoyable sexual experience the appeal of swinging is understood.

Though some couple who swing have open marriages and have swinging dates apart, the majority of couples do not date separately. Meeting Places Off Premise - No space is provided for engaging in sexual activity.

Swingers Personals in Netarts

In other words, those who wish to go further than strictly social interaction must find someplace else to do so. On Premise - Space is provided for those who wish to go further than strictly social interaction and engagement in sexual activity is appropriate. Nudity and Dress - The common attire at an off-premise activity is dressy, often sexy. The common attire for an on-premise swing party may be dress or casual, but with the expectation of partial or full nudity. It is common for participants to take lingerie, a robe or other slip-on attire to the party.

Etiquette As in any social activity, there are expected rules of conduct in swinging. Following the rules is an effective way to make yourself welcome within the swinging community. Arrive on time. It isn't fashionable to arrive late to a swing party or event. Arrive as a couple and leave as a couple when attending a swing dance or party. It is frowned upon by most hosts and other swinger when a partner, usually the women, departs leaving her mate at the party as a single. Attractive but casual party clothes are usually best.

If you're attending an on-premise party, take a robe, negligee, or other slip-on attire. You may find it more comfortable as the evening continues. Keep money, jewelry and other valuables to a minimum. If they're lost, it's a problem for you and an embarrassment to your hosts.

Swingers Personals in Netarts

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