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Details here. What are the best areas to stay in Recife? I was trying to find information as to what are the best overall neighborhoods in relation to nightlife, beaches, safety, and world cup fever. We will be staying in Recife for 6 days, do you think this is enough time for Recife? I could not find any information about particular neighborhoods so any help is appreciated. I know safety is an issue however I cannot imagine it is worse than Rio or Sao Paolo. Please let me know about your experience in Recife. Maybe not worse, but the only place I have friends who warn me every visit what to do if the car is jacked, or where one of them was robbed in the elevator of her upscale building.

How much is temperament and how much reality, I thankfully can't say from personal adversity. Boa Viagem is the Recife neighborhood where most foreign tourists stay. The beach is nice, but is posted against swimming because of shark danger. Other people tend to stay in nearby historic Olinda. The architecture, crafts, music and views are the daytime attraction. In the evening, some restaurants set up tables on the breakwaters--very pleasant. A unique attraction in the city of Recife is the ceramic sculpture studio and park called the Olaria Brennand.

There is Recife Velho with shops, an old synagogue, and at night, bars. The bar Biruta overlooking the beach in the Brasilia Teimoso neighborhood is also nice. There is an art and armor museum in a building made to look like a castle. Day or overnight trips could include Porto da Galinhas, about an hour to the south, or Calhetas, just before it, or Itamaraca, about 40 minutes to the north with an old Dutch fort. A manatee rescue, and an island beach. Further north is the city of Joao Pessoa. It has been some time since I was last in Recife but friends and acquaintances have told me that is a lot less secure these days.

Whether that's true or not, I can't say but statistically Recife has worse crime rates, particularly homicides than Rio and by a very wide margin. Of course, homicide statistics are not necessarily a good guide to security for a tourist. The old town, Recife Antigo, was always a bit shady, especially of an evening but also the most fun part of the city. Incidentally Recife is the place, where I have come closest to death in Brazil but that had more to do with riding pillion on a motorcycle with a rather drunk and decidedly crazy woman, rather than any threat of criminal violence.

Recife Antigo would be my choice but perhaps not yours. Boa Viagem and Olinda are indeed where most tourists congregate. They have the infrastucture for tourists. Personally, I think Boa Viagem is a soulless craphole, with little redeeming value,even the beach is pretty ordinary. Of the two I'd choose Olinda every time.

Your sexy chat with Recife is here

You need no more than 6 hours to get very bored in Recife. Rest I can agree with other posts, but prepare to be bored to death. I'm going to Recife as well for a futbol match. Can any one suggest a fun Hostel in the area? Start checking NOW on accommodations in all areas, and if you find someplace you can afford prices will be several times the usual ratesthen worry about what area is better than another.

Boa Viagem beaches are fine for wading, but whether you can afford anything there during the WC among the limited of places that still have vacancies is another question. Latter said bathers had a "higher than average" risk of shark attack did not define average. Many people stay within the reef barriers, and may avoid swimming at high tide. Olinda is known to tourists so may be sold out already.

Not the nicest area, IMHO, but it does have history and lots of restaurants, etc. But first check to see if you can find rooms you can afford anywhere. We aren't even assured of tickets yet, but the only place we could afford is at least an hour south of the city in Porto de Galinhas. There will be hotel cancellations by people like us if tickets are not awarded in the lottery, so keep on searching as the tickets are released. Are there any nice islands or beach towns within a hour drive of Recife that we should consider? Something laid back yet fun at the same time, safe of course.

An hours drive? You do realise that you're talking about 30 to 50 kilometers distance, with good traffic conditions. Answer is no. Recife with its vicinity is one of most boring and most dangerous areas of the whole Brazil. There is no "safe" in Brazil, anywhere. It's relative. A lot depends on your own good. I mentioned a few nice places within an hour north or south of Recife in my post above. I happen to like the area quite a lot, both the city and its attractions, the places to go and see in the general area, and particularly the food.

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Your sexy chat with Recife is here

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Your sexy chat with Recife is here

On balance, Olinda is probably your best bet. South America. Travel Booking Hotels Flights Insurance. Social media links Twitter Facebook Pinterest Flipboard. International English.

Your sexy chat with Recife is here

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